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General Information

Order Desk



1. Order Desk

Open from 8 am to 6 pm

To reach us:
By phone: 514.382.9823, ext 33, or
By e-mail:

You can order online by logging in, choose the items you like, send us the order and we will contact you.

We have sales representatives in the following areas: Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, New Brunswick, Lac St-Jean, Abitibi and Prince-Edward Island.

For USA please contact us


Processing and Production

Amira Warehouses

2. Processing and Production

Through established credible suppliers, we import nuts, dried fruits and grocery from 16 countries.

Our success stems from the fact that we insist on having the best quality.

The nuts and dried fruits are stored in a cold room at 5 degrees Celsius.

We roast the nuts by ourselves with two different types of roasters; one uses oil and the other is dry. We also do our own trail mixes for different occasions such as hiking, traveling, food supplement and dieting to name a few.

The products are then shipped in bulk or packed by our packaging department.

The finished products are stored in a warehouse with a new 37 ton air conditioning system.



3. Shipping Desk

Open from 7am to 7pm

To reach us:
By phone: 514.382.9823, ext 31, or
By e-mail:

We have our own new fleet of trucks, and we also use other transport companies.


Display Metro Westmount

4. Displays

We manufacture our own displays and racks according to the need of the stores and to accommodate our line of products as well as the customer.


5. Bulk Line

Our bulk products come directly from the different suppliers in 25 lb or 27.5 lb cases.

To view the spices list, click here
To view the herbs list, click here
To view the sugar and salt list, click here
To view the baking products list, click here


6. Supermarket Line ( pillow bag, rectangular cup, tubs)

All our packagings have a complete list of ingredients and a nutritional facts table which conforms to Health Canada regulations.

The pillow bags are coated with a material designed specifically for dried fruits, keeping the bag clear for the consumer.

The rectangle cups take the least space on shelf.

The round tubs are attractive and for larger quantities.

To view the list, click here


7. Big Bag Line 454g, (1lb),1kg

This line has been designed for the stores that want to sell a large quantity at more aggressive prices.

To view the 454g list, click here
To view the 1kg list, click here


8. Convenience Line $0.99

This line is designed for 1 Dollar stores, vending machines, convenience stores and distributors of healthy snacks, dried fruits and trail mixes.

To view the $0.99 list, click here


Service Industry 2.5kg

9. Service Industry line (2.5Kg and 1Kg bags)

For the distributors of restaurants, hotels, schools or bakeries we have developed a full line of nuts and dried fruits in 2.5 kg and in 1 kg bags for easy use and better storage.

To view the list, click here


Gift Baskets

10. Gift Baskets

We import a large variety of empty baskets from China and we fill them ourselves with freshly roasted nuts and dried fruits. A healthy gift, especially for the holidays!



11. Private Label

We are capable of doing private labels. Please ask us for the conditions.



12. Fundraising Line

Under development.


13. Kosher Certification

Most of our nuts, dried fruits, trail mixes and beans under the Amira brand name are certified MK from the Jewish community council of Montreal. The following lines of products are also certified MK : Amira canned beans and Amira tahini.

Some products are certified like the frozen artichokes and vegetables from the Cold Alex brand and the Sera Brand imported grocery items.



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